It is no stretch of judgement to make the claim that the human figure and in particular its depiction as the nude, is the most explored genre in western art. The human figure has many associations and conjures different feelings, judgements and responses. One person’s pride is another’s shame. These judgements and associations are expressed differently by the individual, collective or cultural mind. To someone living a contemporary life, strong association will be drawn between the human figure and eroticism. Perhaps the claim could be made that this was always the case even in the pre media age because humans are sexual beings and therefore sexuality and body cannot be separated. Even prior to our modern day commodification of the human figure in film and media in a time where nudity is an industry, the human figure has existed at the centre of differing world views, as in science and humanities. The politics of sexuality is divisive and the human figure sits at the centre of this cultural tapestry both celebrated and condemned but always observed.
This website is an anthology of my work from 2003 to 2023. I view the human figure as an expression of beauty and a force of inspiration from which I have created a body of work that continues to emerge with pride. I welcome you to wander the galleries of this website.
Graeme Wienand
PEOPLE WHO HAVE APPEARED IN THIS SITE: Aisia Hamson, Alex Pychtin, Alex Siegers, Ally Moulis, Alyssa Quinlan, Asha Gillard, Ashley McHenry, Ben Gerrard, Benjamin Monger, Ben Stokes, Bevan Vickers, Bianca Wolf, Brenna, Britainia Flower, Caitlin Jill Hunter, Charlotte Westerlundh, Chloe Rosenburg, Craigh Pratt, Darko Kubatka, Emma Floreani, Fran Elmasri, Georgia Sanchez, Huntar Towers, Jasmin Louise, Jasmine Ghazi, Jayme Edwards, Jeff Hamilton, Katie Bostelaar, Lara Carpenter, Leonardo Selinas, Louise Herd, Luke Lamers, Marc Cottrell, Melissa Atkinson, Narelle Dunkley, Niamh Coppola, Nicole Clayton, Olivia Ambrose, Owen Taylor, Rachel Burges, Raphaelle Perigot, Rob Sutherland, Rosa Salvator, Sarah Vassallo, Simon Wheeler, Simone Thornett, Stephanie Micallef, Steve McGrath, Taku Rogers, Tony Burns, Vanessa Black, Will Killin, Zac Hennesy