Thanks for your interest in participating as a subject in my photo art shoots. This page contains specific information which I need every potential participant to read.
PROCEDURE: A portrait session can be weeks in the planning or immediate and intuitive. Often (but not always) there’s a theme. Past themes include concepts such as figurative art (nude/semi-nude), blur, dance, gothic, tattoo/ink, wearable art, etc. We’ll soon chat about possible themes and plan details such as what to bring. A typical photo session takes 2 hours but can extend longer. Subsequent to the photo session I will require a week of post production time and once this is complete a viewing day will be arranged. This is done virtually (e.g., Zoom or Meet) and this is when you’ll first see the edited images.
FIGURATIVE ART: An age limit of 18 years and over applies in the case of any semi/nude theme. The objective here is a series of tasteful artistic professionally posed figurative art images. If you’re of age and comfortable with this idea please let me know.
USAGE: All participants will be asked to sign an agreement giving permission for the possibility of selected portraits being publish on this website, possible art exhibitions, my social media or editorial articles. Participants have permission to self-publish to their own social pages.
PRICING: As a commercial art practice purchases are optional but it is my minimum expectation that every participant, within their means, is willing to purchase something. Prints are $90 (for A4) or $110 (for A3). Or you can buy digital files (5 for $200). There is no required minimum purchase and the photo shoot itself is not charged. You just buy the images that you like as either pixel or print.
WHY THIS? There are lots of commercial photo studios. My alternative is an “art practice” where I have the luxury of time. I spend days (sometimes weeks) working on each and every photo collaboration. I plan, photograph and process chosen portraits, print and frame them myself. I graduated from Sydney University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Visual Art. I’ve photographed commercially at studios in both Sydney and Melbourne since 2000 and now I prefer to fly solo as an independent artist. I love all forms of creativity.
WHAT’S NEXT? Before anything I like to meet potential participants virtually (eg, Zoom or Meet). This will provide an opportunity to juggle ideas, talk about potential themes, answer questions and pencil in a shoot date.
SCHEDULE A VIDEO CALL: If you’ve read all of the information above and you agree to it, please fill out the following form. I will contact you to schedule a video call. I’ll ensure that you know the exact day and time of the video call so there’s no surprise.
The following form is confirmation of your interest.
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Thank you!

Thank you. I'll call or SMS to schedule a video link.

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