Seeking people to be photographed:
During 2021 I'm seeking new participants for portrait collaboration. These are experimental portrait sittings (photo shoots) to test and explore methods of art making. The photo shoots are conducted in my studio in Lithgow NSW or at Stanmore.
Usually there's a theme. For example, movement and dance, archetypes and identity, blur and abstraction, the body in black and white, wearable art as fashion. These photo shoots can be weeks in the planning or immediate and intuitive.
As a participant you'll be asked to bring some basic clothing items. I'll guide and direct you regarding how to stand or sit. The shoot will take 1 to 3 hours. Over the following ten to fourteen days I'll work on the images until I'm satisfied with the collection. After ten days you'll be able to download three screen size images for free.
Optional Purchases:
Participants may also purchase digital files or art prints. Any purchase you make is optional and helps to fund my art practice. However all participants receive three digital images as a gift.
1. Three free images: These digital files are 
1100 pixel jpeg screen files.
2. A4 art prints: $110 each - Printed on Hahnemühle cotton base archival fine art paper.
To begin:
If you're interested but want to know more, ask me anything via the contact page.
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