I began this in 2003. Lots of beautiful faces have passed through my studio during these years. For me it’s like feeding an unquenchable thirst for creative expression that I do mainly for the love of the craft. I began these portraits in Sydney. My studio is now in Lithgow NSW.

Anyone can offer themselves to be a subject for my portraits. Usually there's a theme e.g, a black & white body series or conceptual fashion where I have designed garments for them to wear. In the past I've explored concepts such as movement and dance, archetypes and identity, blur and abstraction. These photo shoots can be weeks in the planning or on occasions I've simply asked participants to turn up and followed my intuition. Regardless of the concept the objective is always the same, an artistic and experimental series of portraits that strive to push creative boundaries. This is an LGBT+ friendly art project. My studio is a safe place for open minded artistic expression in an atmosphere of non-judgement.
There are two modes of participation:
1. General participation or
2. TFD collaboration
A general participant is a person who books in to my studio for a photo session with the intention of purchasing digital images or prints afterwards. The average order size typically falls between $150 and $550.
If you are an aspiring model you can be added to my contact list for TFD (your time in exchange for digital images) modelling. TFD modelling differs from general participation in that it is selective and both the photographer and the model (or model's guardian/representative) will enter into a contra agreement granting both parties permission to use the images for self promotion. On the day of the photo shoot they will be asked to sign a collaboration agreement (i.e., model release) which will set out the usage terms for the free digital images.

If you'd like to know more or to express your interest please send your details via the CONTACT page.

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