For two decades I have conducted fine art portrait sessions in my spare time. My studio is an industrial shed in the town of Lithgow NSW. During those twenty years I was also employed at photography studios in Sydney and Melbourne. I'm always seeking people to photograph for experimental sessions (figurative or portrait) to test and explore methods of art making. Participation (the photo session) is free and prints may be purchased at will.
THE PROCESS: A portrait session can be weeks in the planning or immediate and intuitive. Often (but not always) there's a theme. This can be a vague idea at first but a theme acts as a directional and intuitive guide. Past themes include concepts such as androgyny, anonymity, blur, figurative art (nude/semi-nude), dance, sexuality, gender, gothic, tattoo/ink, wearable art, etc.
BODY PHOTOGRAPHY: An age limit of 18 years and over applies in the case of a semi/nude theme. The objective here is a series of tasteful artistic professionally posed figurative art images. If you're mature enough and comfortable with this idea please let me know.
PORTRAITS: I'm not necessarily aiming to beautify people. Therefore you will not be made up unless the theme specifically requires hair makeup and styling. Most themes do not. I may include techniques to texturise and blur some images or intentionally conceal facial recognition. It's an experimental process open to intuition and collaboration.
SUITABILITY: No experience necessary. In most cases the participants have never experienced a professional photo shoot before meeting me. At all times the participant remains under my direction. Age limits are the only regulatory constraint especially with body photography. Under 18's are allowed to participate (appropriate theme permitting) however they must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian during the entire session and subsequent viewing.
PROCEDURE: In the weeks ahead of the session we will chat briefly about possible themes and plan details such as what to bring. A typical photo session takes 2 to 4 hours. Subsequent to the photo session I will require 10 to 14 days of post production time. This is film processing and digital editing time. Once this is complete a viewing day will be arranged. This will be your second studio visit — this step can also be done virtually.
PURCHASES: Participation (the photo session) is free. Also for a short time I'm giving away one free print, post lockdown. Beyond that, print purchases (with accompanying digital files) are available to participants who wish to support my art practice. Purchases happen when the participant returns to view their portfolio. Portraits are printed on Hahnemühle cotton base textured paper and include an accompanying screen size jpeg file of the same image. Although purchases are optional, it is my expectation that every participant will commit to at least one print purchase.
PRICING: The first A4 art print (with accompanying digital file) is $110. Subsequent A4 print purchases are $90 each.
INTERESTED? Ask me anything via the contact page.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Graeme Wienand - Commercial photographer specialising in art documentation, advertising photography, corporate, fine art and commercial portraiture; Bachelor of Visual Art (photo media), The University of Sydney; Diploma of Graphic Design, TAFE NSW.
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