Sydney and Blue Mountains
I began this in 2003. Lots of beautiful people have allowed me to photograph them over these years. Usually there's a theme. For example, movement and dance, archetypes and identity, blur and abstraction, the body in black and white, wearable art as fashion. These photo shoots can be weeks in the planning or immediate and intuitive.
In 2021 I’m conducting studio based photo shoots in Stanmore and in Lithgow. These are experimental fine art photo sessions best suited to young people around 15 to 25 years of age.
What does it cost?
The photo shoot is free and you'll also receive five free digital image files. However I ask every participant to be willing to purchase at least one A3 art print. This is so that I can recoup some of the production costs such as my advertising, film processing printing and materials costs. An A3 art print will costs you $150. You can buy more than one but that's optional. Just one print is all that I ask!
How does it work?
1. We'll plan a theme beforehand. You'll be asked to bring some basic clothing items for the shoot which will be scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday (weekends only).
2. During the photo shoot I'll guide and direct you regarding how to stand or sit. The shoot will take 2 to 3 hours. I'll create the studio set including any props beforehand.
3. Over the following ten days I'll work on the images using various experimental techniques.
4. After ten days or so we'll meet again either in person or online (Zoom) so you can chose one image for your print purchase and also choose your five free digital images. The $150 for the A3 art print is paid on the day of the photo shoot.
Further information regarding participation and pricing is available upon request. Your questions are welcome.
Inquire via the contact page.
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