This is a twenty year work in progress which commenced in Sydney in 2003. My studio is now in Lithgow NSW. There are no professional models on this site. All the people here have either requested to be photographed or have responded to my request to photograph them.
Participation is open to anybody. I have a tendency to favour people I perceive to be open minded individuals. Sometimes there are underlying themes, weeks in the planning. Alternatively the participant may simply be asked to turn up and I'll follow my intuition without much pre planning. In some cases the portraits are figurative and relatively unclothed. On other occasions the body is draped or completely concealed. The intention is creative experimentation in both analogue and digital. All of this is discussed and agreed upon before we commence.
Participation is initially free and the participant receives one complimentary digital file of his/her choosing. The decision to purchase additional images or printed material is optional.
People wishing to know more are advised to use the contact page to ask me anything.
Graeme Wienand
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