Once upon a time there was a handsome skater boy who lived alone in a remote forest. One day, having spent his last few pennies on a crate of shiny red apples, and feeling very happy with his purchase, the skater boy fell asleep upon the leafy bed of a forest clearing. There he began to dream.
In a lucid dream state the skater boy began to experience a mystical mist moving toward him. As though conscious, it seemed to whisper his name as it blanketed the nearby forest.
Suddenly in the distance, emerging from the mist, there appeared the most beautiful apparition. There, gazing upon him, stood a beautiful Queen. Was this the presence he had felt all his life? Was this the one who for all time had listened to his inner voice?
In this seemingly timeless dream state, it seemed that thousands of years had passed at once. Years expressed in moments of light.
And at the passing of all those years the handsome skater boy, once poor and alone, became a Knight who loyally out of love and with an unwavering sense of destiny, served and protected his Queen for all time endless and at once.
To show in some way his secret love, a love forbidden expression but through silence, the handsome Knight made a gift, a necklace of shiny red apples and to his Queen he handed it.
Unknown to the handsome Knight and the beautiful Queen, a tragic sequence of events was about to unfold. The necklace contained a poison apple. The Queen could not resist the sparkle of the shiny red apples and entranced by their charm and unable to resist them, she bit upon the most shiny of the red apples.
Death came upon the forest and the mist cleared as the spirit of the beautiful Queen departed. The Knight overcome with grief, lay his Queen to rest upon the bed of leaves where thousands of years before as a skater boy he lay sleeping. In the only way he knew how, to appease this guilt, to lift this pain, the handsome Knight bit upon the poison apple knowing that only through its curse may he join his beautiful Queen in death.
And there her body lay preserved and ever beautiful for all eternity.
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